Add ‘The Briefing’ to Your Morning Routine

It’s easy to have information overload with this age of social media and the 24/7 news cycle. But, it can also be just as easy to ignore it all and just focus on friends’ pictures, videos of the grandkids and the occasional music video or funny pet meme. 

Headphones for phone podcast
But, if you’re doing this, you are, in a sense, being social inside a very small bubble. What do you know of what is happening outside your realm of influence? What impact are outside influences having on your family, your coworkers, your friends, your community?
It’s important to get your news from a variety of sources and to challenge yourself to have deep, respectful, meaningful conversations about difficult grey area topics. That’s how we grow. It forces us to dig deeper into God’s Word to discover His heart on matters we’re facing. 
One resource you may not know about is “The Briefing”, by Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. He’s currently the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
Every weekday he records a short podcast analyzing news and events from a Christian worldview. Some of the topics he’s discussed in the past include: 
  • How do Christianity and Islam differ on the issues of blasphemy and honor?
  • The unavoidable human equation: When casting a ballot, are we voting for personality, character, or ideas?
  • Why would people want to identify as evangelicals? Understanding the questions of identity and the American political landscape
Dr. Mohler isn’t afraid to dig into the hard topics and even discuss some of them with other thought leaders of the day. Most are under 30 minutes and will help you think critically about the issues your family, your neighbor or those around the world may be facing today.