Bulletin January 13, 2019

January 13: Lord’s Supper in AM Services
Sunday Night Worship @6pm
January 16: AWANA Clubs/Youth Worship @6:30-8pm 
January 19: SOS @9am
January 20: Sanctity of Human Life Sunday 
Sunday Night Worship + Just Ask! Q&A Session @6pm 
Church Business Meeting @7pm 
January 23: AWANA Clubs/Youth Worship @6:30-8pm 
January 27: Uganda Mission Trip Information Meeting @5pm in the Youth Wing
Connect Classes Begin!! Starting at 6pm
January 30: AWANA Clubs/Youth Worship @6:30-8pm 
February 2: First Grace Marriage Saturday of 2019
 **Grace Marriage signups have begun! Invest in your marriage this year by committing to 4 Saturdays this year to spend focused on your spouse. 
February 3: Connect Classes @6pm 
February 6: AWANA Clubs/Youth Worship @6:30-8pm 
February 10: Lambert’s at Bethlehem @6pm 
February 13: AWANA Clubs/Youth Worship @6:30-8pm 
February 17: Connect Classes @6pm 
February 20: AWANA Clubs/Youth Worship @6:30-8pm 
February 24: Connect Classes @6pm 
February 27: AWANA Clubs/Youth Worship @6:30-8pm 
**Lottie Moon Christmas Offering: We have exceeded our goal!!! Total: $28,135 to fund missions around the world. Thank you for helping us love the nations!!! 

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