Bulletin May 14

**Looking for VBS Volunteers! We are looking for helpers for our single most evangelistic opportunity to reach children in our community with the Gospel of Christ.  Sign up in the foyer TODAY to help.  VBS is June 12-16 from 9-11:30am.  
May 14: Mother’s Day 
Baby Dedication in the 10:30am Service 
No Evening Services
May 10: Preschool-5th Grade Children meet in Scotty Kelly’s Sunday School class for Bible Study from 6:30-7:30pm 
May 13: Cunningham Clean up Day! Saturday May 13 from 8-2pm at the Cunningham Fire Department. 
May 17: CCHS Baccalaureate @ Bardwell Baptist 
No Wednesday Night Service at Bethlehem 
May 19: CCHS Graduation 
May 20: SOS @9-11am 
May 21: Graduate Recognition Sunday 
 Love offering for Haiti Mission Team 
May 24: Preschool -5th Grade Children meet in Scotty Kelly’s Classroom for Bible study from 6:30-7:30pm 
May 28: No Evening Services
May 29: Happy Memorial Day! 
May 31: Preschool-5th Grade Children meet in Scotty Kelly’s Sunday School class for Bible Study from 6:30-7:30pm 
Nursery on May 21:
1st. Service: Jeremy & McKenzie Bruer
Sunday School: Ema Mills & Amberly Houser
2nd Service: Volunteers needed. 
**Nursery workers needed! If you would like to serve in our nurseries please see McKenzie Bruer. 

Mission Offering May 21

As an outreach of Bethlehem Baptist Church, yet another short-term mission trip approaches! Ten or so of our youth, after having now completed their training, are most excited about going to a place called Haiti and being for a week the hands and the feet of Jesus; all with the goal of providing solid encouragement to the locals and raw ministry within the community. 
In the light of the following: “the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.  Therefore pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest (Matthew 9:37-38).” I feel we should rejoice that God has put this young and eager group together.  Church, please pray as final preparations are being made for this June trip! Oh, and on Sunday, May 21st, we will be receiving in both AM worship services a single LOVE OFFERING to aid in their financial support.  May we send a clear message: we believe in them and most certainly the God who even now is giving shape to this trip in their hearts! Give generously, won’t you? — Steve Ernest, Mission Team Chair. 

Daily Reading

Day 120: Psalm 102-104
Day 121: 2 Samuel 5:1-10, 1 Chron. 11-12
Day 122: Psalm 133
Day 123: Psalm 106-107
Day 124: 2 Sam. 5:11-26, 6:1-23, 1 Chron. 13-16
Day 125: Psalm 1-2, 15, 22-24, 47, 68,
Day 126: Psalm 89, 96, 100, 101, 105, 132
Day 127: 2 Sam. 7, 1 Chron. 17
Day 128: Psalm 25, 29, 33, 36, 39
Day 129: 2 Sam. 8-9, 1 chron. 18
Day 130: Psalm 50, 53, 60, 75
Day 131: 2 Sam. 10, 1 Chron. 19, Psalms 20
Day 132: Psalm 65-67, 69-70
Day 133: 2 Sam. 11-12, 1 Chron. 20

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