Daily Reading — Day 155

Today’s Readings: Psalms 72, Jeremiah 41-42, Job 40, Romans 1

My Thoughts:

Jeremiah 41-42 Read more…

Daily Reading — Day 154

Today’s Readings:  Psalms 70-71, Jeremiah 39-40, Job 39, Acts 28

My Thoughts:

Jeremiah 39-40

– Jeremiah’s prophecy comes true. 39:1-2, it’s amazing that it took 1 and 1/2 years for Babylon to breach the city.

– 39:11-14, Fulfilling the LORD’s promise to Jeremiah. Read more…

Daily Reading — Day 153

Today’s Readings: Leviticus 16, Jeremiah 38, Job 38, Acts 27

My Thoughts:

Leviticus 16

– 16:6, unlike Jesus, the Great High Priest. (Hebrews 7:26-27) Read more…

Daily Reading — Day 152

Today’s Readings: Leviticus 15, Jeremiah 37, Job 37, Acts 26

My Thoughts:

Leviticus 15 Read more…

Daily Reading — Day 151

Today’s Readings: Leviticus 14, Jeremiah 36, Job 36, Acts 25

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Leviticus 14 Read more…

Daily Reading — Day 150

Today’s Readings: Psalms 69, Jeremiah 35, Job 35, Acts 24

My Thoughts:

Jeremiah 35 Read more…

Daily Reading — Day 149

Let me apologize again for being so far behind schedule.  I realize that many of these commentaries will be of little value to some of you since I am so far behind and I will have to do double many days in order to catch up.  My goal is to be caught up by the beginning of November so that we can be on track again for the last two months. 

Today’s Readings: Psalms 68, Jeremiah 34, Job 34, Acts 23

My Thoughts:

Jeremiah 34

– 34:18, Keeping the covenant at first, and then turning away from it later, is breaking the covenant.  In making this covenant to make all slaves free in Israel, the leaders performed the same ritual that the LORD commanded of Abraham in Genesis 15:7-21.  Those making the covenant would walk through the midst of the animal halves as a declaration that the fate of the animals should fall upon them if they ever break the covenant.  Since only the blazing firepot when through the animal halves in Genesis 15, we surmised that God was pointing forward to Christ’s crucifixion.  In other words, the LORD was walking through the pieces on Abraham’s behalf.  Since Abraham’s descendants would break the covenant, God, Himself, would bear the consequences for the broken covenant.  Here, in Jeremiah 34, God exacts payment from those who walked through the animal pieces. 

Job 34

–  Elihu begins to sound more like Job’s 3 friends.  However, as we have already seen in Elihu’s discourse, there may be one significant difference.  Elihu acknowledges God’s sovereignty in a profound way (vs. 13-15).  God cannot be charged with wrong since God created everything and has authority over all things.

Acts 23

– 23:6-7, Paul is cunning enough to realize that a claim in favor of the resurrection will distract the council from their accusations against him.

– 23:11, Now that Paul has testified openly about Jesus in Jerusalem (the Jewish Religious capital), he must now testify openly in Rome (the political capital of the world)

– 23:23-30, we see again that Paul is protected from the Jews by his Roman citizenship.  This recurring theme, that God’s messenger must be saved from the Jews by Gentile authorities, is very ironic when considering the Biblical narrative. 

Daily Reading — Day 148

Today’s Readings: Leviticus 13:38-59, Jeremiah 33, Job 33, Acts 22

My Thoughts:

Leviticus 13:38-59

– The laws continue concerning skin diseases. Read more…

Daily Reading — Day 147

Today’s Readings: Leviticus 12-13:37, Jeremiah 32, Job 32, Acts 21

My Thoughts:

Leviticus 12-13:37 Read more…

Daily Reading — Day 146

Today’s Readings: Leviticus 11, Jeremiah 31, Job 31, Acts 20

My Thoughts:

Leviticus 11 Read more…