Christmas Backpacks 2020

christmas backpacks

We love any opportunity we have to share Christ and His love with Kentucky kids to kids around the world. This year we’re partnering with the KBC to help pack backpacks for kids across Kentucky.

Did you know that sadly, 26% of Kentucky’s children live in poverty? Let’s help them have a memorable Christmas this year while also sharing the gift of the Gospel with them.


  • Donate Money: If you would like to donate money toward the filling of a backpack, please donate to the church by October 4. You can give online here. Just change the dropdown to “Christmas Backpacks for Children.” 
  • Pack a Backpack: If you would like to purchase and fill your own backpack, please drop them off at the church by October 18. Read more…

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BBC Accepts New Covenant

In January 2017, BBC voted on and accepted a new covenant for new members. If you have any questions about the covenant or about how to become a new member, please contact us! 


BBC Membership Covenant:


Having read and affirmed The Baptist Faith and Message (2000), I covenant:

* To submit to the authority of the Scriptures as the final arbiter on all issues (Psalm 119; 2 Timothy 3:14-17; 2 Peter 1:19-21) Read more…

Daily Reading 2/10 Day 21

Today’s Readings: Genesis 22, Judges 6, Psalms 27, Matthew 18

Pastor Tim’s Thoughts:

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Daily Reading 2/9 Day 20

Today’s Readings: Genesis 21, Judges 5, Psalms 26, Matthew 17

Pastor Tim’s Thoughts:

Read more…

BBC Connect App

Always be up to date with the BBC Connect App! It’s a free app for android and iPhones, which will allow you to listen to sermons on the go. We will also send you alerts directly to your phone to remind you of important dates or needs of the church. Let us know what you think of it! 
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