Daily Reading — Day 137

Today’s Readings: Psalms 58, Jeremiah 21, Job 21, Acts 12

My Thoughts:

Jeremiah 21 Read more…

Bulletin June 5

June 8  
Children’s Outing 6-8pm  
We will meet at the church at 6pm for a fun time at Columbus Park.  We will take the church van and will return to the church at 8pm for pick up.  Preschool aged children are invited as well, however we will need the parent to bring them and stay with them.  We will play games and enjoy some yummy ice cream.  (In case of bad weather, we will cancel and meet from 6:30pm-7:30pm.)

Daily Reading- Day 107

Today’s Readings: Exodus 28, 2 Kings 13, Psalms 139, John 7:53-8:30

My Thoughts:

Exodus 28

– 28:3, “whom I have filled with the spirit of skill” These people are skilled to make garments, and the LORD says that He is the one who has given them the ability to do so Read more…

Bulletin 5/29/16


Business Meeting Vote– A special called business meeting will be held today in both morning services to vote on Sawyer Rambo for the position of Summer Youth Intern. Vote will be by secret ballot.
Happy Memorial Day Weekend! No Evening Services tonight.

Let Us Lift Our Voices in Praise!


Want to know what we’re singing Sunday mornings? Listen to our playlist! We will continue to add to this as we learn new songs. Click here!

Daily Reading — 101


Today’s Readings: Exodus 24, 2 Kings 6, Psalms 126-128, John 4

My Thoughts:

Exodus 24

– 24:3, it is significant that this verse describes the last three chapters as “words” and “laws” (divided as two distinct categories) especially since 20:1 says “And God spoke all these words, saying,” (referring to the 10 commandments) and 21:1 says “Now these are all the rules you shall set before them” (referring to the laws given as commentary on the 10)

– 24:17-18, gives some explanation as to why the people so quickly abandoned Moses and the LORD in making the golden calf. Read more…

Daily Reading– Day 98

Today’s Readings: Exodus 23, 2 Kings 3, Psalms 119:137-176, John 2

My Thoughts:

Exodus 23 Read more…

Daily Reading Day 94

Today’s Readings: Exodus 19, 1 Kings 20, Psalms 119:1-40, Luke 24:1-12

My Thoughts:

Exodus 19

– 19:4-6, the LORD’s covenant relationship with Israel is based on His saving work for them. They have already been freed from slavery when He calls them to obedience. Read more…

Daily Reading– Day 72

Today’s Readings: Exodus 7, 2 Samuel 21, Psalm 90, Luke 9:1-27

My Thoughts:

Exodus 7 Read more…

Daily Reading — Day 67

Today’s Readings: Psalms 26, 2 Samuel 16, Psalms 84, Luke 6:17-49

My Thoughts:

2 Samuel 16 Read more…