Connect2019 – On A Snow Day

Connect 2019 Challenge  

We launched Connect 2019 last week and issued the challenge to be present. Now, with the snow, week 1 is a little difficult to keep that promise. Our goal today is to create transformational relationships rooted in the Gospel. How do you do this though when you’re stuck at home on a snow day? There are still ways! Make today about connecting with the body of Christ. Even with the icy roads and snow covered ground, there are ways to come together as believers, caring for one another without ever leaving the driveway. Will you take our at home, Connect 2019 challenge? Just for this week?

  • Be present at home. When was the last time you truly took a Sabbath day with your family? Rest is a good thing! Resting and praising God together is an even better thing. Try limiting your screen time. Find a way to be extra attentive to your children and spouse today. Make a conscious effort to be present in each moment.
  • Pray for your one. Have you chosen the one you’re going to commit to praying for all year? Maybe it’s someone who hasn’t been back to church in awhile. Maybe it’s someone who feels like church failed them and they never want to go back. Maybe it’s the one in your life who has, until now, rejected the gospel. Maybe it’s a new believer you feel called to pray for and disciple. Whoever your one is, pray diligently for them today. Pray scripture over their life (such as Isaiah 58:11 or Phil. 1:9-11) Pray that the Lord will reveal Himself to them in small ways this week. His love, his provision, his forgiveness.
  • Connect with your fellow believers today. Just because you won’t see them this morning doesn’t mean you can’t still encourage them. “But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.” Hebrews 3:13  Write them a handwritten letter to mail in the morning. Or, send your Sunday School class all an encouraging note in text this morning. Most likely everyone you know is struggling in a different way today. Whether it’s from sin, sickness, disappointment, sadness, loss, everyone can use a bit of encouragement. You could be the encouraging word they need! You could be the hands and feet of the Gospel in a real, tangible way even with a simple word.    

Even as you enjoy relaxing today at home, still take the Connect 2019 challenge, it just may look a little different today than we originally intended.

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