Daily Reading — Day 153

Today’s Readings: Leviticus 16, Jeremiah 38, Job 38, Acts 27

My Thoughts:

Leviticus 16

– 16:6, unlike Jesus, the Great High Priest. (Hebrews 7:26-27)

– 16:8, “Azazel”, from the ESV Study Bible, “the meaning of Azazel is uncertain. Many take it to be a proper name (since it is parallel to the LORD in vs. 8) and thus conclude that it is the name either of an otherwise unknown demon or of a place. The traditional explanation is that Azazel is a compound word, combining “goat” with “going away”: the word would then mean “goat that goes away” (hence the conventional “scapegoat”)…”

– 16:29-34, The High Priest went into the Most Holy Place only on this day each year (Hebrews 9:6-7).

Jeremiah 38

– 38:4, if Jeremiah’s words were not from the LORD, he certainly would have sounded like a traitor.

– 38:7, “Ebed-melech” means “servant of the king”

– 38:15, Zedekiah’s character has proven to be untrustworthy. Jeremiah has no confidence that he will listen.

– 38:19, The Judeans, now under Babylonian rule, would no longer fear Zedekiah as their king. Therefore, they might possibly mistreat him as one who used to rule over them

– 38:24-25, in reality, Zedekiah has lost power to the extent that he has now way to protect Jeremiah.

Job 38

– The LORD finally answers Job.

– 38:2, Speaking without wisdom or knowledge darkens the understanding of the one speaking and of the hearers.

– 38:7, “sons of God” likely referring to angelic beings

– 38:21, the LORD uses sarcasm with Job

– The LORD’s answer is full of rhetorical questions to remind Job that he is not God.

Acts 27

– 27:1, “we should sail for Italy…” Luke is again traveling with Paul.

– 27:9, “the Fast” refers to the Day of Atonement. Likely, meaning that the time of year had come when the Sea was regularly violent.

– 27:24, “God has granted you all those who sail with you”. Paul acts as an intercessor for the rest of the men on the boat. They are spared on Paul’s behalf.

– 27:35, “giving thanks to God in the presence of all…” Paul wants it to be very clear that the coming salvation is from the LORD.