Daily Reading — Day 154

Today’s Readings:  Psalms 70-71, Jeremiah 39-40, Job 39, Acts 28

My Thoughts:

Jeremiah 39-40

– Jeremiah’s prophecy comes true. 39:1-2, it’s amazing that it took 1 and 1/2 years for Babylon to breach the city.

– 39:11-14, Fulfilling the LORD’s promise to Jeremiah.

– 39:17-18, Ebed-melech’s previous kindness toward Jeremiah demonstrated his trust in the LORD

– 40:2-6, The Babylonian captain recognized that the LORD gave the victory. Although Jeremiah is given the choice to be taken well care of in Babylon, he chooses to stay with those that remain in Judah.

Job 39

– The LORD continues questioning Job.

– 39:13-18, the LORD gives the ostrich as an example of His providential working in the world. Even though the ostrich seems to have no wisdom or care in the raising of her young, the LORD still preserves them.

Acts 28

– 28:17-22, Even though Paul was in Rome to be on trial, he continued his custom of seeking out the Jews to teach them that Jesus is the Christ. In the case of the Roman Jews, they knew that Christians were hated by other Jews, but they did not know the specifics of belief. Paul, therefore, is given the opportunity to explain the faith to them.

– 28:23, In order to convince the Jews that Jesus is the Christ, Paul expounded from the the Old Testament.

– 28:25, Paul’s mention of the hard-heartedness of the Jews, along with the subsequent offer of the Gospel to the Gentiles, caused the Jews to leave.

– Since Luke doesn’t go any further than Paul’s stay in Rome, it can be deduced that he is probably writing before Paul’s death.