Daily Reading — Day 155

Today’s Readings: Psalms 72, Jeremiah 41-42, Job 40, Romans 1

My Thoughts:

Jeremiah 41-42

– The next series of events describes what happened to the remnant that was left in Judah during the Babylonian exile. This section begins with the murder of Gedaliah, the man appointed by Babylon to govern Judah. Although Ishmael acted wickedly and against the wishes of the people of Judah, the people feared that the king of Babylon would not understand the events and would come to kill the remaining Judeans (since Ishmael had killed Babylonians in his assault on Gedaliah). In fear, many had decided to turn again to Egypt. However, when they chose to consult with Jeremiah, the LORD commanded them to stay in Judah rather than to run to Egypt in fear. Again, however, the people disobey the command of the LORD, to their own destruction.

Job 40

– 40:4, Job’s response to the LORD’s series of questions is to recognize that he has no answer (Romans 3:19)

– 40:8, When confronted with the LORD, we will either recognize our own failures and His perfection, or we will maintain that our own way is right (by default claiming that God is wrong, or even evil)

Romans 1

– 1:16-17, could be thought of as the thesis statement of the letter. Paul’s primary focus in this letter is to show how God’s righteousness is exercised perfectly in the Gospel.

– 1:18-23, Paul starts by saying that all people have knowledge of God so that they are without excuse when it comes to sin. However, because people love unrighteousness, they suppress the obvious truth that can be seen in creation. This sets the foundation for the necessity of the Gospel in the whole world. All people are sinners, and all people are without excuse. Therefore, all people are under the wrath of God apart from the Gospel.

– 1:24, part of what it means to be under God’s wrath is to be given over to one’s own desires.

– 1:26-27, Homosexuality is given as an example of this giving over, probably because it physically represents the spiritual reality that is being explained. Marriage was created to be a physical picture of the relationship between Christ and the Church (Ephesians 5). Homosexuality, therefore, becomes a physical picture of idolatry (creatures worshipping creation rather than creator)