Daily Reading– Day 160

Today’s Readings: Psalms 73, Jeremiah 50, Proverbs 3, Romans 6

My Thoughts:

Jeremiah 50

– After giving the judgements of the other surrounding nations, the LORD ends by telling of the destruction of Babylon. This would seem almost laughable to its hearers since Babylon was the world’s strongest power at the time.

– 50:3, this will happened under Persian rule. The final assault being recorded in Daniel 5.

– 50:4-5, this predicts the return to Jerusalem that happened under Persian rule (Ezra, Nehemiah)

– 50:29-30, although it was the LORD’s doing that Babylon took Israel captive, the LORD will now bring judgement upon Babylon for her proud heart.

Proverbs 3

– 3:3, in accord with the fear of the LORD, steadfast love and faithfulness are part of wisdom’s foundation.

– 3:5-8, true wisdom means leaning on the LORD’s command even if it does not seem wise according to the world’s standards. True wisdom means leaning on the LORD’s command even if it does not seem wise according to one’s own wisdom.

– 3:11-12, a truth expounded upon often in the New Testament. True children of God will be disciplined by Him as a loving Father. This is for our ultimate good.

– 3:19-20, after showing the value of wisdom, Solomon demonstrates how creation proves that the LORD is the source of wisdom.

Romans 6

– 6:1, Paul knows that a wrong conclusion to his previous argument is that we should sin more. If the law was given to increase the trespass because greater sin means greater grace and greater grace means that God is more greatly glorified, then the logical conclusion is that we should sin more so that God will be most glorified. Paul spends the next section answering this wrong-headed/hearted conclusion.

– 6:2-11, verse 11 gives Paul’s answer to the previous wrong conclusion. We cannot continue in sin because we are dead to sin. Through faith we have been united to Christ in His death and resurrection. Therefore the old man with its desires has been crucified so that the new man can live to Christ. Baptism is a picture of this spiritual reality.

– 6:12-14, This section, coupled with the previous section, is a demonstration of a way of teaching that is common for Paul. He is telling the Roman church to be what they are. God has already declared them to be justified, dead to sin, and alive to righteousness. Now Paul tells them to live out the life that God has already declared about them.

– 6:15-23, Paul explains that one who is a slave of sin is free from righteousness, but the end of that kind of slavery is condemnation and death. The one who is free from sin is a slave to righteousness, but the end of that kind of slavery is everlasting life. Death is earned as a wage by those who are slaves to sin, but Life is given as a gift to those who are slaves of righteousness.