Daily Reading — Day 162

Today’s Readings: Psalms 75-76, Jeremiah 52, Proverbs 5, Romans 8

My Thoughts:

Jeremiah 52

– The end of Jeremiah recounts the Babylonian exile. It begins with the fate of the kingly family, then recounts the destruction of the temple, and ends with the counting of the people who were taken. The final section, however, gives hope for the future of Israel as Jehoiachin is treated well by the new king of Babylon.

– 52:3, as we have already seen, Jeremiah warned Zedekiah that he should not resist the Babylonian takeover since it was the LORD’s doing. It is ultimately Zedekiah’s resistance that leads to his tragic fate.

– 52:28, the number given here probably only counts either the males or officials. 2 Kings 24:17 gives the round number of 10,000 taken captive.

– 52:31-34, although all seems lost, there is still Messianic hope since David’s descendant is treated with kindness. This looks forward to restoration and the promise of the Davidic King ruling in Jerusalem.

Proverbs 5

– The wise will cherish fidelity. Through wisdom, the enticements of adultery are overcome and rejected. Many reasons are given for holding fast to marital faithfulness concerning both earthly and eternal consequences.

– 5:8, those who would remain faithful will not put themselves in positions to bring temptation.

– 5:12, the wise have a love for discipline and correction because they know that it leads to life.

– 5:15-23, the righteous alternative to adultery is to delight in one’s own spouse. It’s important to realize that the charge is not simply to be faithful in practice only. Rather, the teacher is giving the charge that a man’s heart should be happy and satisfied in his own wife (and vice versa)

Romans 8

– 8:1, the “therefore” is probably meant to encompass all that Paul has taught up to this point in the letter (most pointedly that God’s justice has been satisfied in Christ’s death)

– 8:4, In Christ, believers are enabled to live holy lives to God through His Spirit.

– 8:5-8, we should notice Paul’s focus on the mind here.

– 8:9-11, Paul is not making the case that believers should take care to see whether or not their minds are set on the flesh or the Spirit. Rather, he is saying that those who have the Spirit of Christ do have minds set on the Spirit, and those who do not have the Spirit of Christ have minds set on the flesh.

– 8:12-17, since we are now children of God, we do not have the fear of condemnation and death. The assurance of our sonship is that we have been given the Holy Spirit. The ultimate outcome of our adoption is that we will receive the inheritance as sons.

– 8:18-30, the suffering that naturally comes with being joined to Christ is not even worth calculating against the glory that will be revealed at the return of Christ. And this glory is a guaranteed reality for those who are in Christ through faith. Again, the indwelling Holy Spirit testifies to this reality. The chain in verse 30 is an unbroken chain.

– 8:31-38, The reasoning in this passage is forceful. If it is, in fact, true that the God of all creation gave His only Son as a sacrifice for His enemies in order to give them right standing before Him, to the end that He would adopt them as His own children, what substantial harm can now come to them? If anyone had both the right and the authority to condemn us, it was God. And yet He, having the right and authority to condemn, chose rather to justify and forgive. Since this most Supreme Court has given His verdict, there is now no charge that can come against us. Since Christ has loved us in this way, even to give His own life, there is nothing that could possibly separate us from that love.