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Grace Marriage At Home
ALL Couples Welcome! Everyone is home and honestly tired of being at home. We realize that you are enduring stress, anxiety and uncertainty. But, we want to help you draw closer to Jesus and one another during this time. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming ALL the time. We are praying that you’ll use this time to improve your marriage and see how it can thrive, even during difficult days.
Below you’ll find virtual sessions, provided by Grace Marriage, you can do together that will help your marriage and your family. These sessions are specifically designed to help you navigate your marriage during this time of quarantine. 
Originally our Grace Marriage couples were going to meet May 2, but we’re so excited to be able to offer ALL couples this great resource at no cost! Each session has a 7-10 minute teaching video and a worksheet you can download to apply the teaching to your own relationship. Set aside about 45 minutes a week for the next 5 weeks of undistracted time as a couple to go through each lesson.
If you don’t set aside the time and put it on your weekly calendar, it will not happen.
First, here’s a quick message from Bethlehem’s Grace Marriage Leaders David and Sonya Rambo. Below you’ll find a link to each week’s video and worksheet.   

Week 1: “The Grace-Based Marriage” – As Christ and His grace are the foundation of everything, we desire couples to think through this concept during such a trying time. Plus, we pray this lesson will help many couples who have not started building their marriage on the foundation of grace.
Week 2: “I Would Have Never”– With couples experiencing so much negative news, it’s important that we visit a lesson on gratitude. Gratitude is a core principle in Grace Marriage and in the times we are in, it’s needed that much more.
Week 3: “Instinctive vs. Intentional” – It’s easy to be driven by anxiety, emotion and instinct right now. Without intentionality in our home and in our marriage, we’ll find ourselves on a roller-coaster of emotions and chaos.
Week 4: “Are You Smarter Than Your Cell Phone?” – We continue to hear of frequent conflict over technology. It’s important to address this topic during this season of technology overload.
Week 5: “Intimacy Igniter & The 621 Challenge: Creative Dating”  Intentional one-on-one time is needed to process and weather our current trials. Regardless if you have kids or not, don’t let the sudden isolation keep you from being intentional and creative. You may have a ton of time together right now, but how are you using it?  We’ll spark discussion and get into specific ways you can be creative in a time where there are restrictions on what you can do. 

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